The competence centre offers tailor-made support for our customers

As support for clients of the distribution platform, esurance operates an internal competence centre. Dominique Eric Fetz, esurance’s insurance expert, what exactly do you mean by the term competence centre? In the competence centre, we bring together all the support options for clients of the distribution platform. Since distribution consists of a multitude of stakeholders […]


The analogue products are made “online-ready” by our specialists

Why is esurance the only platform in Switzerland that focuses on the digital distribution of insurance products? The Swiss insurance market is already very complex and highly regulated. This means that the digitalisation of products and distribution processes requires not only IT engineers but also insurance experts. This combination leads to a high entry threshold […]


Befähigen statt komplett digitalisieren

HZ Insurance Podcast – 16.9.2022 Sophie Hundertmark: Herzlich willkommen zu einer neuen Ausgabe des HZ Insurance Podcast der HZ Insurance in Kooperation mit dem Institut für Finanzdienstleistungen in Zug (kurz IFZ). Mein Name ist Sophie Hundertmark und ich begrüsse heute Andri Mengiardi, er ist der CEO und Co-Founder von esurance. Ich habe schon ganz […]

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