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Platform for smart distribution

First-class software solution for efficient insurance distribution

Scale your distribution power

The platform enables the development of new distribution channels and supports the distribution team throughout the entire sales process. Work steps are simplified and automated so that the consultants can concentrate on the essentials: Consultation and sales.

Several products - one journey
  • Price calculation with a few clicks
  • Digital and physical offer
  • Guided advisory process for end clients and advisors
Intelligent recommendations - targeted advice
  • Data-driven recommendation system
  • Integration in end-customer software (e.g. Klara)
  • Access to new lead sources
Distribution tool for advisors to complement CRM
  • Clear customer management for consultants
  • Sales reports (incl. export)
  • Integration into existing system landscapes
The lean customer portal
  • Digital self-service journey
  • Comprehensive policy overview
  • Integration into existing system landscapes (e.g. own portal)

Our solutions in use

Digital closing path for SME
Embedded B2B insurance
Distribution platform for gastronomy



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