The competence centre offers tailor-made support for our customers

As support for clients of the distribution platform, esurance operates an internal competence centre. Dominique Eric Fetz, esurance’s insurance expert, what exactly do you mean by the term competence centre?

In the competence centre, we bring together all the support options for clients of the distribution platform. Since distribution consists of a multitude of stakeholders (sales managers, advisors, customers), it is essential to be able to offer personal support. The competence centre offers services ranging from the distribution of initial telephone enquiries to tailor-made advisor workshops.

What is your job in the competence centre?

As an insurance expert, my job is to process initial enquiries from potential clients and forward them to the relevant advisors. I am also the contact person for advisors who use the distribution platform. I provide support with professional and technical questions and give professional training on site or online.

Could you explain the individual support options?

First contact and advisor support

The Competence Centre offers the possibility of handling the initial contact for enquiries from potential clients. We have many years of experience in business insurance for SMEs. Through a customer-specific hotline, we can provide support for questions regarding the digital route and online conclusion, and at the same time, if advice is needed, we can refer directly to the appropriate advisor:s. In addition, the competence centre also assists advisors with any questions they may have about the product, processes and offers technical support.

Physical product training

To train advisors in the use of the platform and the processes, we offer personal training by esurance experts. In a half-day or full-day workshop, the use of the distribution platform is explained and calculation examples are carried out to put the theory into practice.

Company-specific Wiki

Another possibility to support the consultants in dealing with the platform and its processes is the creation of a wiki. The wiki prepares information in text and video format (explanatory videos) and makes it available to the advisors. This means that they can access the wiki and the FAQ section at any time, even outside the working hours of the competence centre.

Can esurance also respond to the client’s individual customisation requests?

esurance is continuously developing the platform and in doing so we rely on feedback from our clients. Customisation requests and optimisation proposals are evaluated from an individual as well as a platform perspective and processed in project assignments. In doing so, we are able to respond very specifically to individual customer needs.

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