Befähigen statt komplett digitalisieren

HZ Insurance Podcast – 16.9.2022 Sophie Hundertmark: Herzlich willkommen zu einer neuen Ausgabe des HZ Insurance Podcast der HZ Insurance in Kooperation mit dem Institut für Finanzdienstleistungen in Zug (kurz IFZ). Mein Name ist Sophie Hundertmark und ich begrüsse heute Andri Mengiardi, er ist der CEO und Co-Founder von esurance. Ich habe schon ganz […]


Everyday is filled with new challenges and complex tasks that require deep analysis before implementation

Andrii, you are the Front-end Guild Lead at esurance. What is a Guild Lead? esurance has a modern software architecture with several microservices and correspondingly a modern team organization with several teams. Most teams have front-end engineers. The front-end engineers are not only part of a formal team that maintains a microservice but also of […]


The challenge is to combine and coordinate different factors

You are a junior product owner at esurance. Describe your role and what your typical day looks like? I would describe my everyday life as a junior product owner as very varied. On the one hand, I have my regular meetings, such as the daily exchange with the developers from Ukraine and the corresponding weekly […]

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