The analogue products are made online-ready by our specialists

Why is esurance the only platform in Switzerland that focuses on the digital distribution of insurance products?

The Swiss insurance market is already very complex and highly regulated. This means that the digitalisation of products and distribution processes requires not only IT engineers but also insurance experts. This combination leads to a high entry threshold and the need for high upfront investments – which is not very inviting for competitors. In principle, every software company can digitalise individual processes / products – this is already often done today. But the price / performance is out of proportion to our solutions, because as a platform we reuse many modules / components across the use cases.

How does esurance digitalise insurance products?

Most of the products today come from the analogue world, but our specialists make them “online-capable”. This requires adjustments in product design as well as in the underwriting process in order to really digitise in a “value-driven” way. This means, for example, that certain standards must be (re)defined in order to automate efficiently. This requires in-depth insurance expertise – combined with the courage to cut out old habits. With us, all of this comes together.

What advantages do distribution managers and advisors gain from the platform?

These differ greatly in the individual use cases. Basically, we can say that with the platform we provide the advisors with a kind of transparent, very well-informed employee who supports all the people involved in the distribution 24/7. This person acts pragmatically and success-oriented.

If we look at today’s standards in distribution processes, a problem emerges that insurance providers and brokers are struggling with. Theoretically, an advisor should spend as much time as possible with (potential) clients in order to understand problems, advise and ultimately close deals. In practice, however, advisors spend a large part of their time on administrative tasks.

This problem is our main focus. Using “advice” in such a way that it creates real added value for clients – this means that we optimise sales processes and digitalise insurance offers so that advisors gain additional time in which they can provide more comprehensive and more numerous advice. Unnecessary work, generated by complexities and inefficiencies, is prevented by the well thought-out processes of our configurable distribution platform.

What is the great strength of the platform?

In most cases, insurance is still sold and not bought: for clients, it is usually a “necessary evil” that they want to get rid of quickly.

That’s why we have developed a hybrid pathway where clients can either do everything directly online if they want to, or access the advice of specialists at any time.

What product enhancements are planned for the future?

The focus is currently on integration in places that are relevant for customers and in which the insurance topic plays a role. Just imagine: Your accounting software automatically informs you at relevant moments and offers you direct options for action in connection with insurance topics.

We also have a lot of other things in the pipeline – our teams are in the process of introducing the simplest digital pension analysis in Switzerland together with the InsurTech Vlot, we are revising the end customer cockpit and are expanding our back office application with automations in dealing with leads (to name a few examples).

In any case, we won’t run out of work any time soon. We are looking forward to it, because we love to develop simple solutions for complex processes. And there are more than enough of them in the context of insurance.

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