Digital conclusion path for SME

Enabling SWICA consultants with guided advisory journey across several products

With the digital SME offer from SWICA INTEGRA, products from SWICA and Helvetia are offered together.
The guided advisory process supports end customers and consultants in concluding complex insurance products:

  • Mandatory accident insurance
  • Additive accident insurance
  • Voluntary accident insurance
  • Daily sickness benefits insurance
  • Health insurance for owners
  • Pension fund

The journey allows direct sales in a few minutes and checks the underwriting criteria in the meanwhile. The products and their details can be viewed by the end customer directly in the customer cockpit.

The offer is transparent, uncomplicated, digital and easy to understand. What customers respond to particularly well is that you can sit down together by phone or on site and calculate an offer within a very short time.

David Wiedmer Consultant

If advice is required, I can discuss their questions and wishes with the clients directly on the platform. This way, they realise that their insurance needs can be covered quickly.

Andreas Gantert Consultant

Access to new lead sources

Integration of data-driven insurance recommendations into the KLARA SME software

KLARA's ERP system is closely integrated into the processes of SMEs. In cooperation with esurance, the software was expanded to include an insurance dashboard. SMEs can thus manage their policies online and request advice from insurance partner specialists at any time. In addition, KLARA users receive data-based insurance recommendations so that insurance cover can be optimised on an ongoing basis.

Integrated insurance partners receive leads for sales, which were generated at the relevant time and are based on an existing concern/problem for the customer.

This product is currently in a test phase.

Produkte im Einsatz:

This new function creates significant added value for SME in the management and optimisation of the insurance portfolio. The solution enables easy access to insurance policies at the right moment.

Francesco Bruno Partner Manager

Distribution platform for gastronomy

The leading industry solution

Together with the industry association Gastrosuisse and the insurers SWICA, Baloise and GastroSocial, we realised an overall solution for the catering industry.
An average of 30 businesses are insured via every week (as of 05.05.2023).

The industry solution consists of 9 products:

  • Accident insurance
  • Daily sickness benefits insurance
  • Pension fund
  • Compensation fund
  • Liability insurance
  • Inventory insurance
  • Business interruption
  • Building insurance
  • Membership GastroSuisse

The conversion journey allows direct sales in a few minutes and checks the underwriting criteria in the meanwhile. Pre- and post-processing of leads and offers can be efficiently carried out by the consultants directly in the back office and can be viewed by the end customers in the personal cockpit.

The esurance platform is very intuitive and tailored to the target group. It supports the client's access to a complex topic and provides a basis for the expert advisors.

Oliver Treml Head of regional office

Together, we were able to launch a customer-centric solution that enables a modern, needs-oriented selection and conclusion process. This supports our positioning as an innovative insurance company.

Verena Beeck Head non-life insurance

Offers can be created quickly and easily and sent directly to the customer. Thanks to the platform, I have less administrative work and can focus on consulting.

Barbara Kohler Catering consultant

Thanks to the platform, we can directly offer our clients outstanding insurance packages.

Enzo Pontoriero Consultant
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