esurance in the media

Crucial is accessing the "micro-moments"

Andri Mengiardi wants to digitise insurance distribution without making it superfluous. Cooperations and industry associations are helping.

esurance - a digital success story that puts people first

The story began seemingly harmlessly. Three good friends in a spirit of optimism and full of ideas decided in 2013 to seriously develop a kind of "eBanking for insurance". This initially resulted in a digital insurance folder for private individuals.

Online insurer esurance reports 100 ICT customers

More than 100 Swiss ICT companies have already opted for the online insurer esurance since its launch in 2020. The best-selling product is the IT liability insurance with special conditions for IT companies.

Those who give up freedom to gain security will lose both in the end

When asked about his start-up, Andri Mengiardi says that many things seem impossible until one day they are achieved. His company is "esurance", an insurance guide that helps small businesses and SMEs through the insurance jungle.